Are Men Pigs ?

Are men pigs? Are pigs men? Among all other possible animals that George Orwell could choose, why pigs? Nobody knows, except Orwell himself, about the reason why he chose and possibly thought pigs are more likely to men.

Taking the question in literal sense, it’s definitely a big NO. Most of us are familiar with the idea of the evolutionist theory wherein it says we, humans, are more alike to chimpanzees due to some “coincidental” similarities. As I imagine it in my mind, it seems really impossible to think  that we came from such dirty animals. And of course, I won’t even want to have myself be called as a pig! Who would even want to? Although as generations pass, we could observe how man grow, literally. In my opinion, in this present century we are becoming more like pigs. We could see evidences of it on many people these days that are starting to get obese. I’ve seen this creative illustration of the evolutionist theory (picture below). It is indeed true that we are growing fatter and fatter, and that we are growing into like pigs.


I thought deeper on the question asked. Yes, we may not look like them but we may act like them. Pig as a (negative) metaphor is something dirty, disgusting, unclean, greedy and/or even corrupt. Being called as an animal is an insult and so what more if you are called as a pig? No human wants that. But as we hate them, animals, observe and reflect. We will soon then realize that we are actually hating ourselves because we act like animals as well, especially pigs. And so, are men pigs? YES also.

        In the story Animal Farm, the pigs selfishly govern the farm. Same with present day Philippines. We, Filipinos are blind to see that we are governed by pigs just like those other ignorant animals. One obvious evidence would be the “pork barrel scam.” The word itself uses the name “pork” and that quickly proves that man is possibly alike to pigs. It has become an adjective to our corrupt government. I find it funny that mastermind Napoles of the Pork Barrel Scam has a similar name to Napoleon, the anatgonist pig from Animal Farm. Both are mercenary. Just like Animal Farm, the Philippine Government has acted like animals. It seems that in this word, we confuse animals from humans probably because both beings are lost with one’s self. Animals act like humans but worse, humans act like animals.

” The human being is a political animal.” — Aristotle

Power Corrupts

Chosen Debate Topic : The Benefits of dictatorship outweigh democracy’s 

The story, Animal Farm, George Orwell wrote such book to oppose the dictator and the Soviet communism during his time in 1945. That is why the story goes round and round on power, corruption, inequality, oppression, dictatorship, etc. Animal Farm is an allegory to one of western history’s cold wars. Animal Farm allegories to how Joseph Stalin becomes one of the respected and powerful leaders to becoming one of Russia’s greatest fear, the Soviet Union’s dictator. He is referred as Napoleon from the story.

“The benefits of dictatorship outweigh democracy’s”, this statement is placed on Napoleon and his violent government’s point of view. They are the ones who have the power and then eventually abused the given power. Before, in the first chapters, the Animal Farm went well and started good as they revolutionized against the humans and won, start of a new ever since Mr. Jones was kicked out, and fixed their systems. But since dictatorship is present, obviously everything didn’t last. Dictators tend to eat up power and rule selfishly unlike democracy wherein people’s or the majority’s decisions are chosen. We may have heard the other animals’ decisions but Napoleon never even heard of them because he is enjoying himself on his ruling. Their once preservation of freedom from humans were now erased by the pigs’ dictatorship. Like Boxer, always saying “Napoleon is always right”, tells how they are low in authority. They would just go and follow. Because of dictatorship, their society is divided to social classes when it is written before that “All animals are equal”. We could see the big irony implied by George Orwell in this story. Old Major’s motives were later on forgotten by those who are in rule of Animal Farm / Manor Farm. That’s how power ruin rulers, how powerful rulers ruin the society, and how powerless society suffer in corruption (dictatorship).


by Alicia Cruz

Don’t unleash your monster

Don’t grasp into fire

Don’t activate your bomb

Don’t call out a storm

Don’t drink your poison

Don’t let the demon

You fill yourself too much

When your heart can’t keep that much

Escape from that belligerence

Hold yourself from violence

Just breath

Inhale every pain, grudge, anger, hatred

But not for long

Exhale everything afterwards

Remember, the enemy isn’t out there

But in there

Control yourself

A Filipino’s Response To The 2014 SONA

1). Which of these issues tackled in the 2014 SONA interest you the most? Explain.

I think one of the most talked about during the 2014 SONA was about the storms and earthquakes that hit the Visayan region. Most of the improvement and development statements tackled are supported by facts from the devastation that happened in Visayas. And so I believe, this drag more attention to me. It’s just good to hear good news of course especially that we’ve been brain washed by bad news almost everyday. It’s good to hear that we’ve done so much about this case. I think during the state of calamity in Visayas, that is when we went to the tip of the iceberg. I think it was a great opportunity given so that we could once again prove to the whole world what we can do. During that time, I really felt that it’s as if all eyes are looking at us, Filipinos. In the SONA, when this was discussed, a lot of improvements are mentioned but when I actually looked back to what really happened that time, what comes into my head are the snatching of goods, corruption, death and other sad stories. Is it really because I’m not that much of an optimist? I thought that maybe I was just thinking of the negative things that were left during this devastating event. I asked myself, how come it wasn’t discussed by the President? About the crimes that also happened during the evacuation, the stealing of food and other supplies from groceries and other stores. Was it resolved or not? Because, to me I think of it as a big deal. Those are just one of the things that interest me from this topic. The topic on Visayas’ state last year is a very broad topic. A lot of things just really made me go happy, sad, curious, angry… Which means this topic is indeed interesting for me.

2). How does the 2014 SONA paint the status quo of the Philippines? Is it agreeable? Why or why not?

It was quite difficult for me to look at SONA in different perspectives. I ask myself if should I rather side with those who rally Or maybe, side with the government? I don’t know which side to choose, especially that these two groups are really different from one another. When I got a chance to hear those men who rallied from the television, I realized their side says that everything about this SONA is stupid, that all of President Noynoy’s speech are just lies. While I was watching I really got hooked from all of the opinions they said. Their opinions persuaded me that, yes, everything about this SONA are just sugar-coated with all of the least good news we have. It gave me the feeling of becoming a rebel against the Philippine government. It’s as if I wanted to go rally with them too! This interview part of the rally side that I watched was showed before the 2014 SONA really started. Now, when the President’s State of the Nation Address, of course I was carrying anger and judgement. But still, all throughout I tried my best to listen attentively. And as I listened, I also got to know how our president really sees the country’s status quo. All statements that he said are really convincing too! It made me think that, yes, maybe we do have done something to develop our country’s poor state. But since the 2014 SONA is what’s talked about, I could say that it’s mostly agreeable. It might be because, if I were to describe about the state of the nation address, it’s true that this SONA reflects who We, Filipinos, are during the years 2013 and 2014. Many things have been discussed in the 2014 SONA, it may be good statements or bad ones. But above all, everything in the President’s 2014 SONA is indeed true and agreeable.

Aesthetics of Bonsai


What is this “Bonsai” Japanese are calling? Bonsai is a miniature of a tree. These bonsai come from big trees. It may come from a tree’s roots or trunks and these roots or trunks are replanted on a pot for the gardeners to make it a bonsai. This has been a tradition and part of the Japanese’ culture. The bonsai is very significant for the Japanese because for them, it’s not just a tree. Remember, that the nature around them always have significance and relation to their lives.

The bonsai shown above, shows simple and irregular beauty. The way its trunk and branches grow may look weird and unusual (irregular) especially that most trees we see around aren’t like this, but it actually implies how powerful nature is than us, humans. The way it is bended shows how strong a storm can be. It’s like it’s telling us that we cannot control them and only they can control us. This bonsai tells how we struggle amid storms and strong winds. But no matter how strong it is pushing you, what matters most is how you keep a strong hold on the ground. You could see that from how the roots of this bonsai are so intact to the soil. This other imagery of bonsai reflects how man responds to tests like this, how man deals in a life and death situation. One thing that also caught my attention are the bonsai’s green leaves, it shows simplicity. It just shows how this bonsai lives calmly and simple , it’s not like other trees that are over designed or bursting with colors and other stuff. It’s like it shows that you don’t need to live in exaggeration, just simply live your life and then just go along with nature. Live and prosper!

These are the aesthetics I see on the bonsai. Everything is just wonderful. It’s amazing how the Japanese look at their nature.